There are four patient characteristics that must be entered; weight, height, age, and sex

There are 3 pump settings for propofol and remifentanil:

  1. Bolus (μg/kg)
  2. Bolus duration - hand bolus is over 5 seconds, rapid bolus is at 999 ml/hr
  3. Infusion (μg/kg/min)

There are 5 buttons:

  1. Load - Generate the trajectory for the specified patient with the boluses and infusion rates
  2. Start - Starts the timer. This is real time unless the Turbo mode is selected, which runs 10x
  3. Stop - Stops the timer
  4. Update - Applies new rates starting at the current time
  5. Wakeup - Sets the infusions to zero at the current time

You can hit Load as many times as you want to find the pump settings that make you happy, then hit start when you start the pump.

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